Dessert (All prices in CHF incl. VAT) Bavarian cinnamon cream 9 Caramel cream 9 Mango and chocolate mousse 9 Vanilla parfait with raspberry sauce and chopped pistachios 9 Seasonal fruit salad - VEGAN 7 with 1 scoop of ice cream CHF 10 Ice cream - 1 scoop 4 Ice cream - 2 scoops 6 Ice cream - 3 scoops 8 Coconut sorbet - 1 scoop [...]

Children's menu

CHILDREN'S MENU (All prices in CHF incl. VAT) Pasta with tomato sauce or pesto sauce - VEGETARIAN 12 Chicken nuggets with french fries 16 Beef steak with Swiss veal french fries 17 Menu drinks

Side dishes

Chef's suggestions side dishes - VEGAN (All prices in CHF incl. VAT) French fries 5 Potatoes 6 Seasonal vegetables 6 Green salad 6 Mixed salad 9 Menu à la carte Drinks

Main courses

Chef's suggestions MAIN COURSES Beef tagliata 39 "Beef tagliata" with potatoes, rocket and parmesan Roasted rabbit roll - GLUTEN FREE 35 Roasted rabbit roll with mushrooms, sage, mashed potatoes and glazed onions Octopus - GLUTEN FREE 35 Octopus with chickpeas - hummus and crispy aubergines Lightly spiced chickpea balls - VEGETARIAN 24 Lightly spiced chickpea balls with Greek yoghurt sauce with lime and [...]

First courses

Chef's suggestions HOT STARTERS Tagliatelle Bolognese 21 Tortelli Carbonara style 21 Tortelli (stuffed pasta) with cacio cheese and pepper "Carbonara style" Gnocchi with Buffelmozzarella IGP - VEGETARIAN 23 Homemade Gnocchi with Buffelmozzarella IGP. Cherry tomatoes and basil (All prices in CHF incl. VAT) Menù à la carte Drinks


Chef's suggestions Starters Swiss Beef Tartare 23 Swiss Beef Tartare with warm bread and herb butter Smoked Salmon Carpaccio - GLUTEN FREE 17 Smoked Salmon Carpaccio, avocado and sweet and sour onion Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella IGP - VEGETARIAN 19 Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella IGP, balsamic vinegar glaze, basil oil and caper flowers (All prices in CHF [...]