RELAX - Plantar Reflexology

It´s a massage of reflex zones located under the foot . These areas reflect the whole organism. By specific and prolonged pressing techniques, this massage is to stimulate the corresponding organs by releasingenergy blockages. In addition to treating certain dysfunctions, reflexology is very effective against stress and fatigue. This technique is for health maintenance, prevention, wellness.

Duration 40 minutes at the cost of CHF 60.-

Back pain

Back pain is an increasingly common disorder. So a new approach through natural therapies to relieve the painful area is just what you need!

Duration 50 minutes at the cost of CHF 95.-


Insomnia is one of the most widespread diseases of our time and affects an increasing number of people due to various reasons.
Find out how the therapist can help you.

Duration of the session 45 minutes at the cost of CHF 85.-


Additional information

The hotel LA PERLA in Ascona collaborates with the professional and the expert in Natural Therapies, Marco Callegaro. The hotel has a private room reserved for sessions with Marco Callegaro exclusively for the customers of the Hotel La Perla.

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For more info about Marco Callegaro:
Terapie Naturali - Ascona
Tel. +41 79 258 37 28