Free transport

Free transport How to get it Ask at reception for the practical Ticino Ticket for free transport throughout the canton of Ticino. With the Ticino Ticket you can move freely in every corner of Switzerland's southernmost canton. Lakes, rivers and mountains - all within reach with Ticino Ticket! From summer [...]

Bicycles and hiking trails

Bicycles and hiking trails Ascona offers numerous excursion options to picturesque viewpoints and green spaces such as Monte verità. Hotel La Perla offers information on routes and bike hire.An exciting way to discover the region, explore its sites and learn about its history and culture. Great personalities, famous buildings and unique natural spectacles. In the city, [...]

Charge Tesla free of charge

Tesla free charging Tesla-friendly with free charging We welcome everyone who is part of the Tesla community, Teslarians. We have Tesla charging stations, and we support Tesla because it doesn't pollute the environment with fuel. Curiosities Tesla's electric car has innovative technology that is 10 years ahead of the current automotive industry. And it was developed from [...]

Natural therapies

Natural therapies RELAX - Foot reflexology Foot reflexology is a technique used to restore the energetic balance of the body. It uses a special type of massage that, by stimulating and compressing certain reflex points on the feet that are energetically connected to organs and apparatuses, has a preventive effect and intervention on possible imbalances in the [...]

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage Total relaxation to make your stay on Lake Maggiore unique. Thanks to a relaxing massage, it is possible to regain one's psychophysical well-being and banish the stress of everyday life.Guests of Hotel La Perla can treat themselves to an interlude of total relaxation to make their stay on Lake Maggiore unique. The spa, which is run by [...]

Our source

Our source Why drink from the fountain Every year albatrosses and seabirds die from swallowing plastic caps caught in the Pacific Ocean with their beaks. The hotel provides a stainless steel water bottle that can be filled up at the fountain at the reception. Christian Witzig, hotel director: "It was Mathias Mend, the founder of Vortex [...]