Why drink from the well

Every year albatrosses and seabirds die from swallowing plastic caps caught with their beaks in the Pacific. The hotel provides a stainless steel water bottle that can be filled up at the fountain at the reception. Christian Witzig, hotel director: "It was Mathias Mend, the founder of Vortex Power, who opened my eyes. When I was attending a conference in Ascona, he pointed out to me how much oil I was consuming with my 'pet bottles'. One and a half decilitres for each 1-litre bottle of water filled in Switzerland; 3.1 dl for the water coming from the European Union, if you take into account the raw material for the production of the plastic and the transport by road to our homes: compared to 0.003 dl of oil for tap water. For each person who now drinks only from the tap, the saving would be equivalent to 2,000 kilometres travelled by car. Each customer receives a water bottle that they can fill up during their stay and buy for 25 francs when they leave.

Where does the tap water flow to?

In the worst case, therefore, the expense remains insignificant. Those who drink from the tap pay a thousand times less: even though in Ticino so far only 2 litres of tap water per day and person end up in dishes and glasses. According to the Dipartimento del territorio, Sezione della protezione dell'aria, dell'acqua e del suolo, the average per capita consumption of households is 242 litres per day and inhabitant. This is 57 litres more than the Swiss average (185 litres), but significantly less than in the past. In 2002, peak values of 530 litres were even reached, according to tables compiled by the Observatory for Spatial Development: today, consumption has become more sustainable, "thanks to improved infrastructures and a more rational use of water". 29 % end up in the toilet, 19.6 % in the bathtub or shower, 18.6 % in the washing machine, 17 % are used for cooking, drinking or washing dishes by hand; 12.8 % are used for personal hygiene and hand washing, 2.2 % for dishwashing, 2.3 % for garden watering and other purposes.